Environmental issues are a keystone in the winemaking process. It is obviously a priority for us to watch out for it.


Château d’Épiré works in sustainable agriculture. Each year, we act upon our ecological outcome. Every gesture makes a difference and we do our best to preserve the environment that was given to us.

Green Cover
Vue aérienne vignes et enherbement un rang sur deux

We keep a green cover on one row out of two in our vineyard. This culture technique helps maintain biodiversity around the vineyard. The grass will give organic matter to the soils on which the vine will feed. The root system that will develop is going to make the ground stable and restrict its erosion.

The Bois Bescherelle plot is entirely covered in trees and plants. It has been so for centuries. Although it is on Savennières Appellation’s grounds, we wish to maintain it in fallow soils. Wood is a major fixer of carbon. A grove also is a shelter for wildlife.

Woods protection
Parcelle sauvage du Bois Bescherelle

About a hectare of fallow grounds is kept around the Château. Monoculture representing a threat to the environment’s balance, we advocate a respectful way of working on it.



We now give our empty wine bottles a second lease of life !

To reduce waste, we commit to turn our glass bottles into… candles! Our partner, Hélêxcir, transforms the bottom of our bottles into delicate scented candles: fig & blackcurrant, cedar & jasmine, citronella & ginger … In short, there is something for everyone!

To learn more about this initiative, you can visit our partners’ website www.bougies-helexir.com 

Recyclage des bouteilles de vin en bougies parfumées
Glassine, support à étiquette autoadhésives

Solicitous about our impact on the environment, we have joined the initiative launched by the company Gigault, specialised in the recycling of glassine (silicone paper used as a support for adhesive labels).

This initiative aligns with our commitment to reduce waste and our carbon footprint as much as possible.

In 2020, we welcomed new colleagues: two hens (‘Marans dorées-saumoné’)! This specific race is an endangered species that we wish to protect. 

As hens are omnivorous, they contribute to reducing food waste and, at the same time, provide us in delicious fresh eggs! 

Furthermore, they are excellent company and will undoubtedly welcome you properly during your next cellar tour!

Nichoirs à oiseaux installé sur un arbre

During springtime, we set up nesting boxes around the old Church. The aim is to offer birds a shelter far from predators.

Ruches installées à côté des vignes

In 2018, the Château d’Épiré welcomed its new roommates. We met Maxime Dufranc, a beekeeper from Bouchemaine who helped us install 20 beehives in our vineyard. Bees are responsible for 80% of the world’s pollination, saving them is a priority!

In 2018, we planted 50 hydrangeas next to our cellar. These Japanese trees enjoy themselves on acid soils, and will certainly be happy around the old Church of Épiré.

Hortensias plantées autour du chai