Situated in the Loire Valley, the most differentiated wine region, in the southwest of Angers, the Château d’Epiré is a small family vineyard. It has been a family-owned Estate for six generations and the eldest among Savennières wines.

We developed through decades and transfer of know-how our white wines which built up Savennières reputation. The most surprising in Chateau d’Epiré is the cellar located in an XIIth  century old church.

Le Château d’Épiré —  La Cuvée Spéciale — Le Hu Boyau —  Le Savennières Moelleux —  La Cuvée E — La Réserve du Maître de Chais — Le Clos de la Cerisaie

Visit Vineyard

The winegrowers, Luc Bizard and his wife Cécile Bizard, will welcome you for visiting and degusting theirs wines in the cellar.

An Outstanding Terroir

The estate is divided into five plots :

  • Le Hu Boyau,
  • La Treille,
  • La Croix Picot, la Giloterie and la Brosse
  • La Cerisaie,
  • Rochepin
Les parcelles du Château d'Epiré

Le Château d’Épiré

Le Hu Boyau

Réserve du Maître de Chais

Le “E” du Château d’Épiré

La Chapelle

La Cuvée Spéciale

Savennières Moelleux

Le Clos de la Cerisaie